January 15, 2017

Motivation is MORE Than Half the Battle

Reading and eating dinner! Wow!

I wish that I could take 100% of the credit for my son reading while eating dinner. However, the fact of the matter is that it was his choice. For some families, this picture represents a normal daily activity, but for families like mine...this is NOT normal. My son has difficulty reading due to many medical issues; including Autism. Reading was a task that he absolutely despised and it wasn't until third grade that he actually started learning to read. 

Homework is not an option for my son. He has to take time each day to practice academic tasks such as reading, math, and writing. But...homework used to be torture for him. I had to change what he did for homework and how he completed homework. In addition, every single day we discussed why practice was so important for him. 

Motivation must come first! When someone lacks motivation to complete a task, that task has a greater chance of not being completed. We all know that most children don't need motivation to play, watch television, play video games, or play sports, but completing homework may require a little motivation. 

How will you motivate your students to complete homework? Try implementing PHUN Homework. It's research-based and it works. 


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